Saturday, July 11, 2015

Work ethic: responsibility or prioritization?

What you really need to know about Work Ethic.

Living in an age of many,developing theories for success in life. Work ethic tends to be a very popular  misapplied principle by the majority who have many responsibilities but don't quite know how to analyze and narrow their focus instead of brute forcing their energies macro cosmically. Too many times we hear the impeccable story of the busy but tenacious parent of three being able to start their own company with the accompanying burdens of dealing with bad finances. Certainly it didn't happen out of luck, or well made connections but the success of prioritizing what would pay off on the long run. Their seems to be a misinterpreted belief of what and how hard work should be. Here are a few reasons why we should reexamine what we truly want and minimize time expenditure on tasks of less personal importance.

1. Our personal talents as unique individuals can make give us a sense of fulfillment, 

capable of greater achievement than enjoyable but important subjects taken into account.

This is a classic, but an important point that must be repeated for a certain audience: those who don't enjoy their job. Turning a favorite activity rather if its fitness,writing or cutting hair can maintain good outlook and emotional health of a person not ignoring inner desires. For those who believe that they haven't found one, the answer might be right into the schedule of nothingness they probably follow. The first step of easing your life for the long run is planning. Find out what it is that you should go after, spend more time on it than in any other errand or useless act that wastes time. Remember, health is wealth, don't do something of your own personal prowess for free. 

2. Be pioneering in your approach, structure your life for a fixed goal.

Flowing through life blindly and experiencing events passively in life is sets you apart from no one in the average existence of working drones. Ever met that one person that just conforms to what ever is thrown at him either in school or the new job to the vulgar partner their married to? This goes back to the person puzzled about their passion in life. For those who have a positive demeanor in life will attract the most immediate attention of peers who are stuck in the fog. Once a goal is reached financially,health or intellectually the only thing left to do is continue to embrace it above all other responsibility that accompany it like, family and bills.Think about who you would like to become after getting hired for a job or completing a course, is it aligned with one of your goals? or is it a mental manifestation desire of a conditioned belief.

3.Don't forget to rest, efficiency is key not extensible brute force.

An essential understanding to peak performance is balance. Sometimes a mental distraction or abstract meditation is needed to keep pushing harder. A weightlifter who has had 100 good workouts for 30 years will surface the lifter who has has extreme workouts with only 10 years with injuries as a byproduct of unintelligent steadfastness.  You must give 100% input to get 100% output. Rest-up so that you can always give that 100% every time you carry out a plan of action. By the use of common sense, people should agree that sleeping less to do more isn't necessary if you just prioritize what you need to do the most without sacrificing performance. Don't be a meat head like most who claim to be entrepreneurs because the sleep little to no hours, drop what ever it is that not entrepreneurial and follow what is for most of your day with the consideration of sleep for optimal performance. 

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