Saturday, July 11, 2015

So you want to powerlift? Well, you need to go deep with these 6 realities

Get familiar with these 6 phases of the lifting game, Before you can say you know it.

The individual sport of power lifting is as demanding of a challenge as it sounds. Just think about how daunting it is to be squatting with the weight of animal on your back in the sight of spectators and peers. This sport is gaining a lot popularity among young men of all backgrounds: urban or country, with its recognition expanding in the YouTube. As a young follower of this sport myself, I treat it more like a hobby than an actual competitive endeavor for now. However living in a city with average gyms containing sub-optimal equipment and strict rules limiting barbaric expression while lifting. Know time to describe the 8 things you can/or experience practicing this sport in an NYC gym irrespective of the culture.

1. If you're young, older people will frequently lecture you about safety, that happens.

Watch out for the injury veterans claiming to know every type of injury in the textbooks and how they got them. They will always remind you to take it easy every time you bump up the weights. If they've power-lifted or done some other form of physically demanding activity they can judge a little but an over exaggeration of a safety concern is great energy reducer for the zealous lifter. These complainers can also be those who don't know why their backs are fucked up, when they were hot headed with poor technique.

2. you will get injured some time, that happens.

Consistency and progress in lifting all follow through the wear and tear joints, ligaments and muscles endure when exposed to intensity for a period of time. Knowing how to prevent injury for as long as possible regardless of the need to compete and go the extra mile for those gains is important. Whenever a misdemeanor pain is present backing off a little can help, maybe a deload. Pushing your body to its absolute limit is not an easy thing to do but the CNS adaption gained from those efforts can help you get through the pains you will have at an older age.

3.Your least favorite spotter is always on deck, that happens.

That same person you always have to explain proper spotting to is always their at the bench press even though it should be a leg day, for him of course. On you last attempt he would have probably been the cause your sternum suffering the fall of the barbell or worse almost dyeing in battle at the time of that new plate attempt he claims he can lift and its not 225.

4. Callous tears when the staff told you not to bring chalk, shit happens.

That moment you felt like you've just lifted the entire world underneath the crippling fury of you hands. Before that happened, you knew their was a risk of tearing that callous that appeared to be almost open. Dead lifting in a commercial gym? no more of that bullshit! if you need a powerhouse or a gold's gym in your area, tell the staff to stretch their heads up their asses and leave.

 5. You might need to quite down if you're a screamer, this happens.

 If you ever spot a novice while lifting or even notice yourself(if this applies), be prepared to have the entire gym starring at you for screaming in the middle of a heavy attempt. Its natural at the beginning but for some reason novices feel like they have to yell every time they are in battle with the weight. If your that guy, stop it and preserve your neural focus. Yelling, grunting or screaming like a maniac will only exert more from your CNS and wear it out before you even complete the workout.Being under control during a workout is an indicator of strengthened CNS that allows you to lift maximal loads for many sets. This when the real muscle and strength gains happen.

6. AND finally, your family and friends don't understand your pursuits, this will eventually happen.

Some audacious people in my family question why I pursue physical strength and question why it is even necessary in the first place. I destroy myself in the gym quite differently than the average person. I treat it as a job. Lifting sub-maximal to absolute maximal weights in the gym religiously without too much fixation can help strengthen  your work-ethic like nothing else in everyday life. When you all grown no one will keep you in check, by reminding you to do things or motivating you when you just cant mask frustration from the world any longer. The pain threshold ability is probably one of the best attributes of this sport and above all else the true competition is amongst oneself, one's own previous maxes. Unfortunately, Power-lifting is a sport with little to no money to be made, but the strong will that it makes out of men is somewhat an art discipline and determination. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?

Work ethic: responsibility or prioritization?